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UPDATED: 10/28/2019

I. Introduction provides a “Discussion Forum” (The Forum) as a public service to its users in order to facilitate the sharing of information about Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) as described in Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment, The Mercury Detoxification Manual, and Fight Autism and Win. By joining this Discussion Forum, you acknowledge that the content is for informational purposes only. Opinions and information shared by members, moderators, and administrators are not to be construed as medical advice and do not in any way replace the advice of a medical professional. Use your own judgement regarding any supplement or therapy you choose for yourself or your child, or a person you are taking care of. No member, moderator, or administrator will be held legally responsible for any opinion or advice expressed by forum members.

II. User Agreement
The Forum adheres strictly, in principle, to Dr. Andrew Cutler’s method, as detailed in his writings (listed above) and other communications, for the safe treatment of mercury and heavy metal poisoning. Although we may permit discussion of other protocols, it is not encouraged. The Forum is meant to help educate people seeking to learn more about Dr. Cutler’s chelating protocol, to help people prepare for chelating, and to support those in the process of chelating. If you are not one of these people, then you are not in the right forum. Although we prefer to be lenient in what topics can be discussed, discussions should ultimately return to what Doctor Cutler said on a given topic, where applicable. As such, advocacy of or proselytizing for other protocols is also not permitted.

The Forum is not an “open” forum and there are some constraints of free speech. We reserve the right to lock threads, ban users, or take other moderating measures in our official capacity to insure a peaceful, safe, and orderly environment for our members. Those who repeatedly conduct themselves in a disorderly, rude, and/or dissenting manner may be removed from The Forum. Mercury and heavy metals can make us misunderstand, be combative, and unresponsive to advice. We will be tolerant and understanding about this. But continued argument especially with administrators will not be tolerated.

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V. Permitted and Prohibited Uses
You may use The Forum for the sole purpose of sharing and exchanging ideas with community members and other users. You agree to use The Forum in accordance with all applicable laws. Under no circumstances will the violation of state, federal, or local laws be tolerated. You also acknowledge that any information posted in The Forum and viewable to other members may become public information. That said, you are not permitted copy and share anything from the forums to any external party without permission from the copyright holder. Advertising and generating sales for non-AC protocol items will result in your removal. Do not post links to your sales sites or to AC protocol products you sell without disclosing your connection to the product or company. Honorable mention of products or brands you use or benefit from is fine, but if you also sell the product or financially benefit from the sale your link generates that should be made clear. Even then, frequent selling from a member may be deemed excessive. If you aren't sure if the post is appropriate, ask an admin.

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